952 BlueOx Series Linear Position Sensor



The GEMCO Model 952 BlueOx is a Magnetostrictive Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT).


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The Gemco 952 BlueOx Series Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT) is a linear position sensor designed for applications where high accuracy, high speed, and survival are important. It is lab tested and field proven to stand up to high shock and vibration.

With test results of 2,000 G’s of shock and 30 G’s of random vibration without false signals or mechanical damage, the BlueOx is ready to perform on the most demanding applications. The BlueOx is an ideal cylinder position sensor with absolute feedback.

• Analog Outputs, 0-10 VDC or 4-20mA
• Digital Outputs, Start/Stop, Variable Pulse (PWM), Control Pulse
• High Shock Resistance to 2,000Gs
• High Vibration Resistance to 30Gs
• Resolution to 0.001”
• Linearity +/- 0.05%
• Wide Input Range of 13.5 -26.4 VDC
• IP67 Rating
• Programmable Zero & Span
• Sensor Length up to 168″