Signal Conditioners and Limit Alarms.


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Limit Alarms

Limit Alarms are setpoint controllers that regulate industrial processes – discrete, batch or continuous. Two-position controllers simplify processes through automation, and by removing personnel from tedious and possibly harmful environments.

Alarms are indicators of problems – be they production line faults, process upsets, equipment failures or control system abnormalities. Limit alarms safeguard industrial facilities and workers by alerting and informing process personnel of abnormal conditions.

The AP1000 Series

As with all Action Pak Signal Conditioners, the 1000 Series Limit Alarms are compact, electronic plug-in modules that receive direct sensor inputs and operate directly from 120VAC line power or 24 VDC power on some models.

The AP1000 Series Alarms provide the broad range of limit alarm and control capabilities required in today’s and tomorrow’s industrial processes.


Signal conditioners

Signal conditionersamplify and condition weak signals generated by process sensors. They send signals long distances without being degraded by electrical noise. They are also used to drive useful devices such as indicators, alarms, controllers, computer interfaces and other process instrumentation.


AP4000 – AP9000 Series

The AP4000 to AP9000 Signal Conditioners are compact, electronic plug-in modules that take direct sensor inputs and signals and convert them in to useful high level signals. They operate directly from 120VAC power or 24VDC on some models.

The 4000 Series provides a complete line of interface and conditioning for temperature, pressure, flow, load and other process-sensing devices.