Advanced Performance Pressure Transmitters

Absolute, Differential and Gauge Pressure Transmitters 05S/10S/50S
A new scalable family of robust and reliable pressure transmitter has been designed to make your process more profitable by giving you the opportunity to select your transmitter at the best ratio of performance/price for your application.

Manufactured byfoxboro


Pressure Transmitters

Considered the one transmitter that can do it all, the IAP10S, IGP10S, and IDP10S pressure transmitters cover most of your application needs with a single range. These transmitters offer embedded FoxCal™ technology and multiple points of calibration, which allow you to benefit from wide range ability and one of the best reference accuracy turn downs on the market. These transmitters have an accuracy of up to ±0.05 % of reading, and HART transmitters are SIL2 certified.

Designed by Experience for Robustness and Reliability
• Patented FoxCal technology
• State-of-the-art accuracy as a % of reading
• 400:1 turndown capabilities
• High Speed Response Time
• TÜV SIL2 Safety Certification
• Latest communication protocol offerings
• Predictive maintenance
Reduce engineering costs and save operational expenses
• Reduced engineering hours
• Reduced documentation
• Savings in spares
• Savings in maintenance
• Savings in training



Advanced Performance Transmitters, with an accuracy of ±0.05% of reading from 100% up to 4% of URL and integrated FoxCal technology, make the selection of sensor range very easy. This wide accuracy helps to standardize on one pressure transmitter, eliminating erroneous sensor selection, reducing inventory and allowing fast replacement with
less downtime.

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