The ANALECT® PCM 1000 series FTIR/FT-NIR process analyzers measure physical, chemical and compositional properties of liquids, solids and gases for a wide variety of process and manufacturing industries.

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  • On-line, in-situ, and at-line monitoring of batch and continuous processes
  • Displays up to 15 properties at once and measures up to 30 properties per stream
  • Optical multiplexing capabilities provide analysis of up to 16 process streams using fiber optic or extractive stream switching
  • Utilizes process-proven ANALECT® Diamond 20™ Transept™ optical head
  • SpectraRTS™ software engineered exclusively for on-line monitoring, allowing use by engineers, maintenance personnel, and chemists
  • All ANALECT® lab and on-line systems share core optical technology, allowing instrument-to-instrument calibration transfers
  • Download the brochure above or contact AIT for additional information on applications and specifications
  • See the Sales and Service page or contact AIT about upgrade options for older models


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