AP10 Absolute Pressure


The Accutech AP10 wireless absolute pressure field unit provides pressure data in a variety of ranges from 30 to 250 PSIA.

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Secure, license-free, spread-spectrum technology

Push button LCD interface for configuration and display

Single point gauge pressure sensor with .1% accuracy of span

Integral, external and remote antenna options

Integrated battery with up to 10 years life depending on data measurement requirements

Temperature Range at process connection: -40 to +250°F (-40 to +121°C)

CSA Approved for Class I, Div 1, Groups B C D

ATEX and IECEx HAZLOC: Intrinsically Safe, Ex ia IIC T3


As an easy to install and operate device the AP10 is the perfect choice for applications where absolute pressure measurement is required in a hard to reach environment, liquids or gas.