AST-Portable P250/450

Mold Temperature Measurements during the production of glass containers
Temperature Range: 250°C – 600°C


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Models At Glance

Model Temperature Range Spectral Range Aiming Download
P250 300°C….1600°C 1.6 µm Optimized through lens view finder with dioptry correction -2.5 dpt. to +2.5 dpt Datasheet
P450 550°C…1900°C 1.0 µm

P250 and P450 are specially designed portable IR pyrometer for non contact temperature measurement between 300°C to 1900°C in demanding industrial environments. The Instruments feature high accuracy.

The multi functional bright back light additional LCD graphic display panel provides an indication of status and configuration of pyrometer together with measurement mode. The measuring result is shown and can be analyzed directly on site.

The bright through the lens sighting gives a precise definition of the target spot.

The portable pyrometer provides fast, simple data logging with bluetooth and USB connectivity to download this data to PC or mobile device for analysis.

The fast response time within milliseconds allow exact measurement of fast moving object.

The large data storage (data store upto 4000 values) of measurement offers the best possibility for analyzing the data

Key Features

  • Wide temperature ranges: from 300°C to 1900°C.
  • Spectral Range: 1.0 μm….1.6 μm.
  • Fast response time within milliseconds Ÿ Through the Lens view finder sighting.
  • Focusable precision optics for adjusting the smallest spot size.
  • Temperature display in the view finder and on the multi function display.
  • Measuring Functions: Normal, Average , Maximum.
  • Standard Bluetooth and USB Connectivity: Wireless and USB Options for Communicating Straight to a Mobile or PC.
  • Small Spot Sizes