Tracerco Hyperion™ ADT

Redefining the standard for gamma-based density measurements, the Hyperion™ ADT utilises an advanced ultra-stable and sensitive detector, providing repeatable and accurate measurements within a remarkably robust instrument.


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Density Measurement Hyperion™ ADT redefines the standard for gamma-based density measurements. This family of state of the art detectors utilizes advanced scintillator based multichannel technology to provide accurate and extremely repeatable real-time density measurements.

Unlike conventional systems, Hyperion™ ADT employs unique processing and stabilization techniques that dramatically reduce the errors typically associated with scintillator based measurement systems, virtually eliminating temperature and age-related drift.


  • Age-related drift virtually eliminated
  • Outstanding repeatability over a wide ambient temperature range
  • Extensive self-checking, error reporting, and end of life decision support information
  • Correction for geometric expansion, STP, and material composition
  • Automatic source decay and dead time correction
  • Adaptive sampling period to achieve optimal dynamic response Vs steady-state accuracy
  • Intuitive calibration and monitoring tools – Tracerco Toolbox

Built for lasting performance

With the application of Hyperion™ ADT technology sensitivity, accuracy, repeatability, short and long-term stabilization, and the ability to suppress unwanted noise, are superior to traditional systems. The equipment is of extremely robust design with an MTBF of 40 years, externally mounted and not affected by adverse process conditions such as high pressures, extreme temperatures, fouling, corrosive fluids, viscous liquids, blocked impulse lines, or bridles. Being a 316SS clamp-on solution, it offers easy and attractive retrofit possibilities.

Health matters – who doesn’t appreciate good and well-timed health advice?

The detector provides health status monitoring and an end of life estimation system to provide vital decision support to the maintenance department. Additionally, it is possible to replace or interchange key components whilst in the field without the need to return the detector to the factory for lengthy temperature characterization.

Integrated Intelligence

The state of the art electronics is very low power with advanced digital signal processing carried out within the head of the detector without the need for remote processing units. All common output and Fieldbus protocols are supported, and the detectors can be installed in a “multidrop” configuration allowing bespoke and scalable multi-detector solutions to make efficient use of field wiring, whilst maintaining the same high level of diagnostics. System configuration is carried out via the Tracerco Toolbox calibration and visualization software as used for all of the latest generation instruments.

Tracerco™ Mettis™

An extended member of Hyperion™ ADT, Mettis™ has direct Modbus connectivity for higher speed and specialist solutions making it ideal for integration into OEM applications. These include subsea density applications, multiphase flow metering, slug monitoring and some bespoke wet gas and phase measurement applications.

The state of the art electronics are low power and have been optimized to provide a very compact detector with advanced processing capabilities that are carried out within the head without the need for remote processing.

It is extremely robust and built to exceed the most onerous shock and vibration standards with no adverse effects. This includes the shock to 30G and 5G acceleration vibration sweep from 5Hz to 1kHz. Qualified to ISO 13628-6:2006 subsea design standard.

Although very low power Mettis™ has medical grade energy discrimination meaning that we can achieve long-term accuracy and excellent stability in the very small footprint. The size and weight allow for easy mounting and open up options for redundancy.

Hyperion™ ADT and Mettis™ Applications

  • Topsides and Subsea Oil and Gas: – process densities, slug monitoring, cement/grout monitoring, pig tracking and flow assurance applications, GVF measurement.
  • Mining, Processing, Energy and Pulp and paper – Bulk density, slurries, solids concentration, high level/interface trips.