DM231 Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter



The Drexelbrook DM231 level transmitter offers high accuracy magnetostrictive sensing performance with field programmable span.


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The Drexelbrook DM231 is an explosion proof liquid level transmitter offering high accuracy measurements based on the magnetostrictive sensing technology.

The DM231 comes with a Modbus RTU digital output (optional analog output converter available) for total level, interface level and temperature sensor outputs.

Sensors are available in 316SS rigid designs with a choice of single or dual NPT mountings. Temperature sensors are evenly distributed over the active length of the rigid 316SS tube.

Due to a wide selection of floats and mounting accessories this level transmitter fits virtually any application.

The DM231 level transmitter is FM approved for Class 1 Div. 1, Zone 1 Explosion Proof hazardous area installations. It is easy to install and requires no calibration.

Key Features
• No calibration required
• Modbus RTU output
• Accuracy: 0.01%
• Span length: 316SS 20” to 288” (508 – 7315 mm)
• Pressure rating of 316SS tube: 1000 psig (69 bar)
• Power requirements: 10 – 30 VDC
• Temperature range:
Process: -40°F to 257°F +/-1°F (-40°C to 125°C +/- 0.5°C)
Ambient: -40°  F to 185° F (-40°C to 85°C)

Product type
Level sensor, Float level switch, Fluid level sensor, Level gauge, Level controller, Level probe, Liquid level sensor, Magnetic level sensor, Oil level transmitter, Bin level indicator.