DR7000 Radar Level Transmitter




The Drexelbrook DR7000 is a 26 GHz, open air radar level transmitter optimized for distance, level and volume of liquids and slurries


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The Drexelbrook DR7000 is a loop powered, FMCW 26 GHz radar level transmitter that is carefully designed to perform better than any other radar.

Due to the antenna design it is ideal for liquids, slurries, solids and granular measurements up to 260 feet.

To ensure sharper resolution and higher accuracy this radar level transmitter is able to operate over a 2 GHz bandwidth.

The higher signal dynamics of the DR7000 allow the accurate detection of even the smallest level changes.

The DR7000 is a two wire radar level measurement device with easy navigation display and touch screen interface, which allows for easy configuration and set up.

State-of-the-art signal processing and a large bandwidth allow this transmitter to determine the true level in the tank, even with agitated surfaces.

It is available as intrinsically safe design systems for the ultimate in false echo rejection, even with multiple blade set agitators.

Key Features
• High temperature and high-pressure designs
• Operates up to a flange temperature of 392° F when used with a horn antenna
• Pressure up to 580 psig (40 bar)
• Measuring range up to 260 feet

Product Type
Radar sensor, Radar level transmitter, Liquid level sensor, Slurry level sensor, Granular level sensor, Tank level indicator, Water level sensor, Water level switch, Level gauge, Level transmitter