EFit SCR Power Controller

Easy to integrate and commission, yet highly cost effective, the EFit power controller provides no compromise control for resistive and infrared heating elements.


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Uncompromising process performance in a cost effective format

Easy to integrate and commission, yet highly cost effective, the EFit power controller provides no compromise control for resistive and infrared heating elements. Ideal for all heating applications and fully compliant to international quality, immunity, and emissions standards, Efit achieves outstanding stable, precise control in the most demanding industrial environments, even when cabinet space is at a premium.

The perfect fit for simple heating applications

Some Industrial processes such as heat treatment require precise temperatures in order to comply with regulations and it is imperative that the workpiece temperature is kept within specific limits. This can be difficult to achieve in industrial plants where the operation of large machinery can cause fluctuations in the voltage supply. In the case of resistive heaters a variation of 10% in the supply voltage will generate a 20% variation in the power to the load, resulting in undesirable temperature fluctuations. EFit contains built in compensation that continues to apply stable power with better than ±2% linearity at the boundaries of the load, even during fluctuations in the supply. The result is a reliable, repeatable heating process and high quality end products compliant to demanding heat treatment standards.

Connect Easily

Straightforward connection and commissioning, combined with a compact format to maximise use of cabinet space makes EFit the perfect fit for power control in both new and retrofit applications.

Easy Installation

  • Nothing to configure — plug and play
  • Nothing to fix — just clip onto DIN rail
  • Minimal connection — pre-wireable plug in connectors

Easy Integration

  • Compact dimensions reduce cabinet costs
  • Integrates worldwide — global standard approvals and international voltages
  • Consistent form factor — same height and depth across the range
  • Ideal form and fit drop in replacement for EurothermTE10A

Improve Processes

Designed to give a fast stable response even in heavy industrial environments, EFit will enable you to run continuously optimised heating processes with minimum down time. This faster throughput improves OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), helping you achieve your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Increase throughput

  • Maximise utilisation of plant equipment thanks to fast stable control response

Reduce down time

  • Reliably operates in heavy industrial conditions — high immunity to electromagnetic disturbances
  • Robust — operates in high temperature, humidity and altitude environments

Control Precisely

EFit offers built in power stabilisation and a variety of firing modes for different types of load, which lead to energy savings and higher quality end products when compared to more basic power controllers.

Reduce hidden energy costs

  • No wasted energy — built in compensation provides stable power control even during power fluctuations, eliminating unexpected changes in heater temperature
  • Better power factor— save hidden energy costs with dedicated firing modes for each type of load, including a variety of burst modes that provide an efficient alternative to Phase Angle, such as advanced single cycle firing to reduce flicker in short-wave infrared heaters

Consistently high quality end products that comply to standards

  • No scrap or rework – linearity better than ±2% of range, accurately controls heaters and maintains the correct load temperature

Standardise Globally

EFit power controllers offer peace of mind for installers working in a global environment where industry regulations form an essential part of the engineering supply chain.

  • Conformity to cUL directive (Canada and USA)
  • CCC exempt: product not listed in catalogue of products subject to compulsory certification
  • China RoHS
  • CE compliance to power controller product standards


Mechanical Details
Cut-out dimensions
Controlled Phases
Current Limit
Digital Comms
Firing Mode Burst Firing
Firing Mode Phase Angle
Heater Type Constant Resistance
Heater Type Inductive/Transformer Coupled
Heater Type SWIR
Heater Type Variable Resistance
Input Analogue
Input Logic
Maximum Current (Amps)
Maximum Voltage (Volts)
PLF and/or PLU
True Power Control


Eurotherm Product Selection Guide (HA029395USA Issue 8)