Electrodeless Conductivity Analyzers

873EC Analyzer| 875EC Analyzer

875EC Analyzer

873DO / EC / RS Analyzer


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There are two families of electrodeless conductivity analyzers. Selection depends on the user’s application requirements. The 875EC is a highly accurate instrument with a very intuitive user interface. The 875EC can be used either for conductivity or concentration measurements. The 873EC analyzer is a basic, 1/4 DIN instrument that is more suited to OEM applications. Both the 875 and the 873 Series accept one sensor input. They provide local indication, two alarm relays and two analog outputs.


Compatible with Foxboro electrodeless conductivity sensors

Two alarm relays

Two analog output signals

Conductivity or concentration measurement

24/7 expert technical and application support


Measurements of acids. Sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, others.

Measurement of bases. Sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, others.

Measurement of salts. Sodium chloride, calcium chloride, others.

Interface detection

Pulp and paper brown stock washing, white liquor strength, digestor alkali, black liquor spill dectection

Food and beverage Clean-in-Place conductivity, brrine concentration, salt content, caustic peelers, bottled water conductivity, juice, yogurt, cheese