Eurotherm™ Online Services (EOS)

Manage compliance and calibration requirements more efficiently with EOS Advisor


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Finally, maintain quality with a simple, streamlined digital solution

Increase equipment efficiency

  • Check compliance status overview anywhere, at any time
  • Review historical and current status for future planning
  • Get instant access to certificates at instrument using QR code

Establish robust universal workflow

  • Plan, schedule, and deploy calibration automatically
  • Configure workflows for capture, validation, correction, and approval

Reduce risk of human error

  • Eradicate error-prone paper and spreadsheet based processes
  • eCAT tablet App aids repeatable, accurate, calibration to industry standards (ISO17025, AMS2750E, and GAMP)

Simplify your searches

  • Get real-time status reports across multiple sites
  • View data and retrieve documents by context — plant, site, equipment, instrument, channel
  • Avoid unplanned downtime searching for compliance documents with instant status


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