Laser distance measurement device for distances up to 3000 m
The LDM301A measures distances to targets up to 3000 m away with a precision down to the centimeter.



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It is able to detect the speed of moving objects with high accuracy. Operated without a reflector, the LDM301A convinces with a range of 300 m on almost each surface.
In addition to the large working range, the LDM301A is characterized by very short measuring times down to 0.1 ms. The compact design of the device, the easy set-up and the standard interfaces RS422 or RS232 allow for easy installation and operation. The status of the device can be monitored via LED display during operation.

The heating integrated in the device ensures reliable operation at temperatures as low as -40°C. The LDM301A offers the option to add a visor or additional interfaces, such as PROFIBUS DP and SSI.


  • Process monitoring in steel and rolling mills
  • Fill level measurement
  • Monitoring and positioning of cranes and conveying systems
  • Position control
  • Measurements at difficult-to-access measuring points in cavities, tubes, containers and cases
  • Position monitoring of vehicles and vessels


  • Datasheet EN V1.7
  • Manual EN V2.0