Model SDT Submersible Level Transmitter


The Drexelbrook SDT level transmitter is ideal for OEM level applications where compact size and cost are important.


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The Drexelbrook SDT is a submersible level transmitter that offers accurate level measurement and protection at any location.

It features a rugged 316 stainless steel housing with excellent environmental protection along with a two wire 4-20 mA output. A solid state semiconductor sensor provides accuracy and reliability. The design of this level transmitter provides for excellent linearity and repeatability, low hysteresis and long term stability.

The Drexelbrook SDT is easy to install and use. The non-clogging, removable subnosed end saves maintenance and protects the sensing element.

Key Features
• Compact size
• Vented to atmosphere through surface end of cable
• Reverse polarity and surge protected
• Power supply: 11-30 VDC
• Temperature range: -25°C to 60°C (-13°F to 140°F)

Product Type
Fluid level sensor, Hydrostatic transmitter, Level gauge, Level sensor, Level transmitter, Liquid level sensor, Tank level indicator, Water level sensor