MTL8000 Field Terminals

The MTL8000 Remote I/O is particularly suited to hazardous area environments. The platform is certified to international IS standards with a range of I/O modules that can handle signals for industrial AI, AO, DI and DO applications

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A MTL 8000 field terminal is a replaceable unit used to terminate field wiring and link it directly to the I/O module. By separating the terminal block from the module, a damaged terminal block doesn’t mean replacement of the module. Any required field device power can be provided via the module to the field terminals, so no further patching is required. The modules have recommended field terminal types, not only to maximise usability but also to maintain safety, by preventing the wrong type of module from being connected to the field devices. Other key benefits include:

  • Fuses or loop-disconnects for protection
  • Mechanical keying for correct module identification
  • Blue field terminals to identify IS field wiring
  • Tagging strip for easy identification of field device wiring
  • Built-in cold junctions for field thermocouples


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Symbol denotes that the equipment is suitable for use in hazardous area applications.
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Symbol denotes that the product has been assessed for functional safety applications

  Field Terminals overview & data Datasheet 
Zone 2/Div 2 field wiring
8601-FT-NI  Non-incendive
8603-FT-FU  Non-incendive, fused
8605-FT-TC  THC
8606-FT-RT  RTD
8610-FT-NA  Non-arcing, standard
8611-FT-FU  Non-Arcing, fused
8615-FT-4W  4-wire transmitter
8617-FT-NI  16-channel DI
8618-FT-MT  16-pin Mass Termination Assembly
8619-FT-MT  44-pin Mass Termination Assembly
8650-FT-PX  Switch/proximity detector wiring panel
Zone1, 0/div 1 (IS) field wiring
8621-FT-is   IS, standard
8622-FT-IS   IS, loop-disconnect
8623-FT-IS   IS, 16-channel DI
8624-FT-IS   IS, 8-channel DI, loop-disconnect
8625-FT-IS   IS THC
8626-FT-IS   IS, RTD