Non-contact detection of Motion- Elovis



  • detection of the material presence or material absence
  • detection of standstill, movement as well as a direction of movement
  • detection of blocked materials or blocked machines (jam detection)
  • set point and set value monitoring
  • measuring motion in two orthogonal axes at the same time

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Application Examples
  • paper, cardboard and print industry (material jam detection, … )
  • plastic and extrusion (set point and set value control, …)
  • laminates, compounds and composite material (speed balancing, …)
  • technical textiles, woven, non-woven (setpoint monitoring, …)
  • carpet and flooring (speed monitoring, …)
  • tube, rod (rotation monitoring)
  • timber pieces, veneer, timber plate (material jam detection, …)
µMOTION and µMONITOR are used for non-contact surveillance of material presence and material motion. The OEM market sensors are designed for machines which cannot be motion monitored elsewise. µMOTION detects material presence, standstill and motion as well as the direction of material movement. µMONITOR is additionally able to measure and monitor speed data with an accuracy adapted according to the underlying application.

Detection of Movement – µMOTION-D

  • The material presence and absence
  • Standstill and movement detection
  • The direction of movement detection
  • Rough speed estimation 

Measurement of Movement – µMOTION-M

  • Speed monitoring – recording of actual speed
  • Speed balancing – surveillance of plan speed
  • Speed monitor for difficult of access machine areas
  • Speed monitor for cylinders and roller without drive
  • Speed monitor for detection of bearing damages
  • Surveillance of speed profiles

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