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PH sensors Foxboro are available in a large number of form factors, electronic configurations (including Smart) and maintenance styles (disposable and rebuildable). Whether the application requires a 12 mm style probe or an NPT threaded version, Foxboro has the sensors to meet the requirements. Many Foxboro pH sensors use a double junction reference electrode design incorporating an ion barrier called Nafion. The Nafion keeps the silver trapped in the inner cavity so that clogging cannot occur at the outer process junction. PH sensing membranes are available in flat, rugged pH, domed pH for high temperature service, and antimony. Mounting accessories are designed for ease of use and flexibility, and range from simple bushings and flow chambers to insertion/retraction assemblies to permit the sensors to be serviced without shutting down the process line.


Long service life in high temperature and temperature cycling applications

Easy to install, operate, maintain and replace

Fast pH and fast temperature response

High stability and accuracy

Nafion ion barrier to protect reference junction (most models)

Nonmetallic solution ground (many models) provides wider chemical compatibility

Smart model available (PH-10 Smart). Calibrations can be accomplished in an instrument shop environment.

Biocompatible and 3A compliant model available (PH-12)

24/7 expert technical and application support


Gas scrubber pH control

Chemical reactor pH control

Pulp and paper bleach blant, paper machine

Power generation pure water pH, cooling towers, scrubber, forced oxidation gypsum pH control

Food and beverage pH in ethanol production, product quality, rendering plant pH

Water and waste pH adjustment, pH in waste water

All industries; waste water treatment, reverse osmosis water purification, boiler water and condensate