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The J Flow Controls offers fully automated valve assemblies with specialized, custom brackets for all your valve actuation needs. Over 25 years of extensive experience with control valves, positioners, linear or rotary applications, spring and diaphragm actuators, and rack and pinion actuators.

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pneumatic actuator
Series JFC30 / JFC350
Pneumatic Actuator, Spring Return, Double Acting

weather proof, explosion proof electric actuator
Series JFD115SR / JFD300SR / JFD530SR
JFD Spring Diaphragm Actuator for compact, precise control in easy field changeable fail open and fail closed. Actuator to valve mounting complies with ISO 5211 standard and positioner mounting complies with NAMUR standard. Three different sizes are available for actuation up through 12″ J-Flow DM9900F segmented V-Ball control valves.

weather proof, explosion proof electric actuator
Series JFE
Electric Actuator, NEMA 4, NEMA 7
  • Series JFC Pneumatic Actuator

    pneumatic actuator

    Aluminum alloy pneumatic actuator.

    • Advantages:
      • Compact extruded aluminum alloy;
      • Dual travel stops for open and close adjustment;
      • Manual Override is standard.
    • Options:
      • Double Acting: 36 inch pounds to over 36,000 inch pounds;
      • Spring return: 44 inch pounds to over 16,000 inch pounds;
      • Viton seals are available to high temperature Applications