Point Level Measurement

Point Level Measurement

The X90 Point Level Monitor detects the presence of material at a given point in a tank, hopper, chute or process pipe. All components are mounted externally to the process vessel making the system ideal for monitoring the most dangerous materials such as caustic, toxic, corrosive, explosive and carcinogenic irrespective of their temperature. The modular design is ideal to upgrade older systems while keeping the existing sources. 

Manufactured byfoxboro




• Solids and Liquids Measurement
• Measurement Not Affected by:
ƒ Dust or Moisture
ƒ High Temperatures
ƒ Corrosive, Abrasive or Toxic Materials


Features and Benefits:

• Lowest Activity Sources on the Market
• Remote or Integral Electronics
• Remote Mount in 1 to 7 Unit Chassis.
• Programmable Through Hand-Held
• Low Maintenance / No Component Wear



Point Level Monitor Brochure

X96S Point Level Gauge IO Manual