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Absolute, Differential and Gauge Pressure Transmitters 05S/10S/50S
A new scalable family of robust and reliable pressure transmitter has been designed to make your process more profitable by giving you the opportunity to select your transmitter at the best ratio of performance/price for your application.

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Premium Performance Transmitters
Transmitters with high accuracy are required for the most demanding applications, and with an accuracy of up to ±0.025% of reading, the IAP50S, IGP50S, andIDP50S pressure transmitters fit the bill.ThesetransmittersofferembeddedFoxCal™ technology and multiple points of calibration, which allow you to benefit from wide rangeability and one of the best reference accuracy turn downs on the market. These transmitters also offer more exotic materials to accommodate severe environments and HART transmitters are SIL2 certified.

• Remote communication capabilities
• SIL2 as standard(HART)
• FoxCal™ technology
• Stability:<±0.015% of URL/yr for 10years • robust design:5-year warranty (optional17-year warranty) • In-service time tracking • DirectConnect AP/GP response time: <100ms • DP and Biplanar AP/GP response time:<125ms • HighTurn down Capability (up to 400:1)   Benefits

Premium Performance Transmitters with FoxCal™ technology are ideal for challenges such as differential head measurement for wide-ranging flows, or demanding applications requiring a high level of accuracy and high stability. Accuracy leads the industry at ±0.025% of reading and stability better than ±0.015% URL per year for ten years.

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