Pyrometer | AST-AL514

Highly accurate online IR Pyrometer model working on spectral rage of 5.14 μm specially designed for Glass Surface temperature measurement
Temperature Range:300°C-1400°C/400°C-2500°C


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Models At Glance

Model Temperature Range Spectral Range Aiming Application Download
AL 514
Single Color
5.14 μm Laser Pilot Light (PL) • Temperature measurement of float glass.
• Glass hardening and bending

Lehr region requires measurement of solid glass. For these regions pyrometer working in spectral range 5μm is very much important so that glass surface temperature can be detected. For these regions AST AL514 is recommended. The pyrometer contains wide temperature ranges so this particular model can be used for different temperature ranges as well. The pyrometer can be mounted with water cooling jackets and air purge units at the plant.

Key Features

  • Pyrometer working in spectral range of 5.14 μm is most suitable for glass surface temperature measurement.
  • Four wire form with Analog output 4….. 20mA,0 …20mA,0….10V
  • Fast response time of 60ms
  • Comes with USB 2.0 connector with cable
  • Pyrometer is useful in measuring temperature from 300°C to 2500°C
  • RS- 232 & RS-485 interface is also available for remote communication and data logging.
  • The pyrometers are supplied with other necessary accessories like water cooling jackets, Air purge Units and Mounting tubes as a complete system needed for the installation at the plant.
  • The electronic assembly is protected by IP65 rugged stainless steel housing.


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