Tacerco The Profiler™ GPS

The Profiler™ GPS allows customers to define, monitor, control and optimise interface levels within tanks, separators, pipes and all other plant vessels to reduce downtime and improve process efficiency


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The instrument of choice for real time critical process measurements

The Profiler™ GPS is the only nucleonic instrumentation designed to measure the vertical distribution of gas, foam, oil, emulsion, water and sand in real time at high resolution.

Unlike conventional technology, this patented instrument is a ‘window’ into the vessel to enable the operator to improve production throughput, reduce the number of unscheduled shutdowns and achieve significant cost savings.

Our instrument is field-proven in hundreds of installations, providing a separation solution for millions of barrels of oil per day worldwide. The instrument is installed into some of the most challenging and diverse applications, ranging from subsea oil and gas processing, to downstream refining.


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