Tan Delta OQD Professional (OQDp)

The Tan Delta OQD Professional (OQDp) has the capability of displaying real-time information about your oil condition from multiple sensors making it the ideal display when using multiple sensors on one piece of kit. 

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The touchscreen LCD display ensures you always have a 360-degree view of the condition of your oil ensuring the continued performance of your equipment.Compatible with up to four Oil Quality Sensors (OQSx) the data-logging facility will allow you to trend the performance of your oil whilst the real-time alerts will ensure you can prevent unnecessary failures and downtime.

Ordering Code: OQDp-N-6-1-P

  • Flexible Installation – Can be installed stand-alone or in a dash.
  • Ease of Use Viewing – Four sensors instantaneously with the ability to drill down to one specific sensor for a more in-depth view.
  • Fully Certified – The OQD Professional (OQDp) is fully certified to international standards to work in the majority of commercial and industrial applications.
  • Robust and Rugged – The rugged IP6K7 rated enclosure with a rubber frame and high-quality industrial connectors make this unit very reliable and robust.
  • Independently Tested – Has undertaken rigorous independent testing to verify the outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications.