Test and Measurement Cabling Options

Application General Purpose Test & Measurement
Cable Construction Coaxial
Shielding Method Silver Plated Copper Braid
Temperature Range -94 to 392°F (-70 to 200°C)
Cable Diameter 0.072 in (1.83 mm)
Center Conductor 30 AWG Stranded
Bend Radius 1.0 in (25 mm)
Capacitance 29 pF/ft
Shield Coverage 95% Braid Minimum

Manufactured byfoxboro



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Test and Measurement Cabling Options


Coaxial Cable, General Purpose, FEP Jacket, White, 0.072″ OD

TMC01 Datasheet


Coaxial Cable, General Purpose, PVC jacket, 0.10″ OD

TMC02 Datasheet


Coaxial cable, PTFE jacket, low noise layer, green, 0.071″ OD

TMC03 Datasheet