Tracerco Hyperion™ ALT

This is an advanced nucleonic level instrument, combining ultra-small radioisotopes with high sensitivity. The Hyperion™ ALT offers high accuracy, self-diagnostics and advanced signal processing.


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Advanced Signal Processing 

Hyperion™ ALT provides repeatable and accurate level measurement whilst responding immediately to rapidly changing levels. An unparalleled self-diagnostic capability provides operators with predictions of component failure allowing planned preventative maintenance.


Hyperion™ ALT is designed to operate at exceptionally low power in the most arduous working environments, maximising mean time between failures and minimising cost of ownership.


Hyperion™ ALT automatically compensates for the effects of ambient temperature changes, and scintillator and photomultiplier ageing. Advanced algorithms mean that factory-based tests to establish the specific temperature performance of each and every detector are unnecessary.

Safe, Easy, Cost-Effective Maintenance 

The instrument’s design enables simple mounting with easily replaceable and inter-changeable component parts, allowing easy on site repairs and maintenance.

Benefits of Hyperion™ ALT

  • High reliability.
  • Accurate measurement.