Tracerco™ PhaseFinderPlus

The PhaseFinderPlus measures the interfaces between phases within process vessels.


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Characterise real time process conditions in aggressive environments

Increase production throughput, minimise unforeseen shutdowns and reduce chemical additive costs

Utilising advanced measurement technology, the Tracerco™ PhaseFinderPlus measures the interfaces between phases within process vessels. Visualisation of your vessel contents enables you to confidently increase production throughput, minimise unforeseen shutdowns, optimise chemical additive cost and greatly reduce the possibility of costly carryover/ carryunder occurring.


Increase Production Throughput

Our real time measurement system accurately and reliably determines phase dispersion within process vessels. Having this critical information enables you to optimise your vessel’s performance whilst reducing costs and increasing throughput.

Reduce Operating Costs

The Tracerco™ PhaseFinderPlus is used to obtain information on the vertical height of each phase and interface such as an emulsion layer. This enables you to optimise the use chemical additives and therefore reduce operating costs.

Minimise Downtime

The detection system is non intrusive with no moving parts and no contact with the process. The detectors are mounted on the outside of the vessel therefore there are minimal maintenance requirements.

Benefits of the Tracerco™ PhaseFinderPlus

  • Increase production through the use of improved process control.
  • Reduce operating costs by optimising the use of effect chemicals.
  • Improve environmental compliance by reducing the possibilty of carryover/carryunder.
  • Highly reliable and therefore maximising uptime due to no moving parts.

Typical Applications

Tracerco™ PhaseFinderPlus is suitable for use in:

  • HPHT applications.
  • Corrosive environments