Willliamson Multi-Wavelength Pyrometer Technology

Certain materials can be difficult or near impossible to measure with precision using single- wavelength or ratio pyrometers because of their complex emissivity characteristics. These types of materials are called non-greybody materials and their emissivity varies with wavelength

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How Multi-Wavelength Pyrometers Work

Multi-wavelength pyrometers use application specific algorithms to characterize infrared energy and emissivity across the measured wavelengths to accurately calculate both the actual temperature and emissivity of these complex non-greybody materials. These algorithms have been developed and refined from extensive data collected from off-line simulations and on-line trials. Each multi-wavelength sensor can hold up to eight selectable algorithms, so that the same pyrometer can be used for multiple applications.

Multi-Wavelength Specifications

Temperature Limits:
200 to 4500°F / 95 to 2475°C (actual ranges vary by model)
Spectral Response
Range of precisely selected narrow wavelength bands
Optical Resolution:

Range of optics selectable by model
 0.25% of reading or 2°C whichever is greater
Better than 1°C

0.000 to 2.000