Floating Roof Tanks Spill Prevention




The SIL IntelliPoint Loop Powered Two Wire capacitance probe level switch is specifically designed for Floating Roof Top Tanks (internal and external roofs) with a flexible brass level sensing probe.


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This level measurement system is specifically designed for spill prevention in floating roof tanks (internal and external roofs) using the IntelliPoint level switch with a flexible level sensing element for ease of installation (model 700-0005-594).

This level measurement system meets API 2350 regulations. It is ideal for use in safety related systems with requirements for functional safety for SIL2 in accordance to IEC61508-2, sec. 1999.

To prevent false alarms this level measurement system automatically recognizes and ignores coatings and is supplied with continuous self-test monitors circuits and sensing elements to detect faults.

A dual compartment housing separates the customer wiring from the sensing element and operating circuits. The encapsulated power supply/terminal block design eliminates the possibility of damage caused by moisture in the conduit.

The Floating Roof Tanks system comes with field adjustable lengths from 1′ to 18′ (0.3 to 5.48 m).

The system is based on our Manual Certify principal which allows the entire system to be manually tested without removing the sensor from the tank. The Manual Certify test checks that the Auto Verify circuits are operating and confirms the probe and cables are properly connected. Furthermore, the Manual Certify feature allows the electronics to sense changes in the probe that simulate contect with the media or floating roof. This provides the user with a method to ensure working performance without having to climb the tank.

No calibration or setpoint adjustments are required.

Key Features
• Wetted Parts: 316SS 3/4″ NPT Mounting, 3/16″ FEP insulated flexible and adjustable cable, non-sparking brass sensor.
• Automatic and local or remote maual test functions ensure proper system operation.
• Supply voltage: 13-30 VDC
• Output: 8mA (Alarm), 16mA (Normal), 22mA (Fault) or 8mA (Normal), 16mA (Alarm), 5mA (Fault)

Product Type
Liquid level sensor, Granular level sensor, Slurry level sensor, Interface level sensor, Point level switch, Point level transmitter, Point level sensor