204xx Accessoreis for Buoyancy Transmitters

These intelligent transmitters are designed to measure liquid level, interface or density of liquids. The measurement is based on the Archimedes buoyancy principle.


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Buoyancy transmitters to measure liquid level, interface and density are used for open or closed vessels or containers. They can be mounted directly on top of the vessel, or if the application requires, on a side mounted cage.

Depending on application and vessel design various installation accessories and the applicable displacer have to be selected. These accessories help protect the displacer measurement from turbulent or fluid agitation.                                 


Universally applicable for all Foxboro buoyancy transmitters with displacers

Standards according to DIN and ANSI

Various connections, dimensions and materials

Displacers with custom dimensions and materials

Certification according to “Pressure Vessel Regulation” (Druckbehälterverordnung)

Certified as part of an overfill protection according to WHG                                        


Various configurations for top or side mounting

Tank restrictions that may include; mixers, agitators, heat exchangers or internal structures

As a stilling well for turbulent applications

High pressure and temperature