ACA.HF Controller

To ensure that customers can operate the ACA.HF analyzers well into the future Schneider Electric has developed the ACA.HF controller upgrade. The new system uses the latest PLC and HMI from Schneider Electric. The new PLC/HMI will be used to replace the existing Controller and Server combination now used in your ACA.HF analyzer.

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Our new PLC lifecycle is expected to exceed the service life of your existing field instrumentation panel. The ACA.HF controller upgrade allows the existing field instrumentation panel to be fully utilized for its expected service life. Getting the full-service life from your field instrumentation panel will save your refinery money. In addition; parts and field device replacement can extend this time even further; saving even more money by delaying the purchase of a new analyzer.

The support issues that have been experienced in the past will no longer occur with the new

PLC/HMI combination. This new PLC/HMI combination is also being deployed on other

Schneider Electric Process Analyzers; thus ensuring a larger number of staff in our factory and field service group who can provide technical support. All new ACA.HF analyzers will be built with the new PLC/HMI combination also ensuring that spare parts are also readily available for ACA.HF (A+) upgraded analyzers.

In conclusion; the ACA.HF analyzer controller upgrade will future-proof your existing ACA.HF analyzer.


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