The ANALECT® RovIR FTIR system is designed to be transportable for real-time dynamic monitoring of pilot scale reaction chemistries and continuous process streams.

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  • Allows measurements at multiple probe tap locations utilizing just one analyzer.
  • Utilizes process-proven ANALECT® Diamond 20™ Transept™ optical head.
  • Interchangeable sampling options to meet a wide range of operating conditions:
    – Choice of Diamond, ZnSe, and Silicon Probes
    – Flow-through ATR and transmission accessories
    – High throughput light pipes and fiber-optic configurations
  • Grams/AI™software and SpectraRTS process software with SpectraQuant™ chemometric software tools for batch and continuous stream monitoring
  • Full chemometric modeling capability including SpectraQuant™, Eigenvector PLS Toolbox®, Eigenvector Solo®, Camo Unscrambler, Matlab®, Infometrix Pirouette® and Grams PLSiQ
  • The RovIR analyzer versatility is demonstrated by its range of applications
  • Download the brochure above or contact AIT for additional information on applications and specifications


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