Contacting Conductivity and Resistivity Analyzers

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Contacting Conductivity and Resistivity Analyzers


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There are two families of contacting conductivity and resistivity analyzers. Selection depends on the user’s application requirements. The 875CR is a highly accurate instrument that can be used with either Foxboro 871CR or 871CC Sensors. The 875CR can be used either for conductivity or resistivity measurements. The 873CC and 873RS Analyzers are basic, 1/4 DIN instruments that are dedicated either to conductivity (873CC) or resistivity (873RS). They are used with the Foxboro 871CC Sensor, but not with the 871CR. Both the 875 and the 873 Series accept either one or two sensor inputs. They provide local indication, two alarm relays and two analog outputs.


Dual sensor input

Compatible with Foxboro contacting conductivity and resistivity sensors

Two alarm relays

Two analog output signals

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Low conductivity water; pure water

Reverse osmosis

Steam condensate

Boiler feed water

Demineralizer water purification

Rinse water

Ultrapure water measurements

Semiconductor wafer washing

Electronics manufacturing

Pharmaceutical pure water supplies






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