Hardy HI 2151/30WC Weight Controller


Weight processors are used as a front-end to a control system for all types of general weighing applications. They measure, condition and communicate weight without any need to control. Hardy weight processors are part of a process manufacturer’s industrial weighing systems & equipment.


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General Purpose Weight Controller

The HI 2151/30WC is used for a wide variety of process weighing applications including batching, blending, check weighing, filling/dispensing, force measurement, level by weight and weight rate monitoring.

As a stand-alone product, the HI 2151/30WC can control as many as eight set point relays, (2 standard form C) and transmit data via analog, serial, Allen-Bradley RIO, Profibus DP or BCD communications. Data is displayed alpha-numerically on the six digit fourteen segment LED display and graphically on the 30 segment bar graph display. Weight values can be based on either Net, Gross, Rate-of-Change (ROC), Peak Hold or Totalized weight values in pounds or kilograms.

The weight controller can also be used as a front end for a manufacturing control system, transmitting weight values via a standard operator selectable serial port (RS-232, RS-422/485) and interface with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), computers, and printers. Also available are optional Allen Bradley Remote I/O, Analog and Profibus interfaces for communication to programmable logic controllers.

A 20-bit analog to digital converter in the weight controller updates twenty (20) times per second and is capable of 985,000 counts of display resolution. This gives the instrument the ability to tolerate large “dead” loads, over sizing of load cells/sensors and still have sufficient resolution to provide accurate weight measurement and control. Commands can be entered into the instrument from the communication ports or locally from the front panel keypad. A portion of the keys can be locked out to limit operator access and protect data.


Model HI 2151 30WC 0711