Hardy HI 2204 Weight Transmitter


The Hardy line of blind weight transmitters are low-cost, loop powered, two-wire analog devices used primarily in level by weight and force measurement applications to a DCS, PLC/PAC or PC for system control.


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CTH Industrial Controls can provide you with service and start up assistance for your Hardy Weight System.


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Strain Gauge Transmitter
The Hardy HI 2204LT transmitter comes sealed and potted to withstand typical industrial environments. It has a course zero offset adjustment to remove dead load, a fine zero adjustment to compensate for small differences between load cells/ points, and a span adjustment to set the operating range for the “live load.”

The transmitter produces a current limited, 5 VDC excitation voltage that powers the load cell/point momentarily at the rate of about 90 times per second and converts the signal read into a 4-20 mA output. The transmitter is used primarily in level by weight and force measurement applications.

The HI 2204LT is capable of developing its full 4-20 mA signal while requiring a “live load” of only 33% of the total load cell capacity. This is true even when four 3 mV/V, 350 ohm load cells/points are used.
The transmitter is available mounted in either an optional NEMA 4 rated painted steel (-A3) or NEMA 4X rated stainless steel (-A5) summing junction box for multiple load cell systems.

tart up time and costs. Hardy’s exclusive WAVERSAVER® feature eliminates the effects of plant and process vibration.


Model HI 2204LT