MTL Weighing System protection – LC30

MTL Instruments design and manufacture a wide range of protection solutions for all of your system surge protection requirements. They offer a wealth of over 50 years experience in the surge protection industry. Their surge products embodies the strengths of Telematic, a name synonymous with the water industry, and Atlantic Scientific, which has strong ties in the network, ITS and wireless infrastructure markets.

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The LC30 surge protection device protects load cell and weighing system installations from possible malfunctions, or damage to individual strain-gauge bridges of associated electronic instrumentation etc., caused by severe overvoltages or impulse currents on signal cabling. Fully solid state, the LC30 clamps incoming surges immediately without causing undue leakage losses under normal conditions. Once the surge has passed, the device automatically resets to the passive state, allowing normal operations to continue. The advanced protection concept used in the LC30 also eliminates the expensive additional earthing systems specified by other suppliers so field installation is very simple indeed. The LC30 device is non-voltage producing, non energy storing ‘simple apparatus’ and as such, can be used in hazardous areas with appropriate self generated system documentation. The LC30 is also certified for use in legal metrology applications.

  • Protects load cells, weighbridges, process weighing and silos
  • Rugged weatherproof enclosure
  • Certified for use in legal metrology application
  • Suitable for Intrinsically Safe circuits
  • 10 Year ‘No Fuss’ Warranty
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LC30 Surge protection for load cell and weighing system installations Datasheet