SOLFRUNT 1409 Stem Mount Pressure Gauge



The instrument is available in a durable ABS chrome plated case design.


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Model 1409 SOLFRUNT Test Gauges are stem or low mount pressure gauges used for field testing and validation, with an ASME B40.100 Grade 2A accuracy (±0.50%) up to 1000 psi, or Grade 1A ((±1%) for 1500 psi and above. The Model 1409 has a light weight chrome plated ABS solid front case with a blow out back design. This pressure gauge has a knife-edged micro-adjustable pointer to reduce parallax readings.

The gauge has a low mount chrome plated brass socket with a ¼” NPT connection, with a seamless phosphor bronze or beryllium cooper bourdon tube. Pressure ranges are from 0-30 psi through 0-5000 psi. A protective cover is available as an option to protect the window from scratches. These gauges are available with a NIST Calibration Certificate option.

Gauge size: 3″

Accuracy:  to ±(0.5 % FS)
Size: 3″
Ranges: Pressure – 0 to 5000 psi