SSM3 DIN Rail Mount SSRs

Ready to use “Plug and play”

  • Modular design of IP 20 housing and built-in heat sink for optimized operating conditions.
  • Easy mounting on standard 35 mm/1.378 in. DIN rail with a secure mounting latch.


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  • SSM3 relays, 90 mm/0.3543in. (25 A) width

    • Lugs for panel mounting
    • Built-in heat sink for heat dissipation
    • Control input connection terminals
    • Control input voltage LED indicator in green
    • Bracket for mounting on 35 mm/1.378 in. DIN rail
    • Load output connection terminals
Mechanical Details
Cut-out dimensions
Absolute Maximum Voltage
1100 V
Ambient Air Temperature for Operation
-20…80 °C
Ambient Air Temperature for Storage
-40…100 °C
Capacitance Unbalance
<= 8 pF for input/output
Connections – Terminals
Screw terminals 1.3…5.3 mm² (AWG 16…AWG 10) Screw terminals 1.3…8.4 mm² (AWG 16…AWG 8) for output Screw terminals 0.2…1.3 mm² (AWG 24…AWG 16) Screw terminals 0.2…1.3 mm² (AWG 22…AWG 16) for input
Control Circuit Voltage
4 to 32 V DC, 90 to 140 VAC or 180 to 280 VAC
Cos Phi
0.5 with maximum load
123 mm
Dielectric Strength
4 kV AC for input or output to case 4 kV AC for input/output
500 V/µs off-state at maximum voltage
Input Current Limits
15…19 mA
Insulation Resistance
1000 MOhm
IP Degree of Protection
Leakage Current
<= 0.25 mA off-state
Load Current
0.1…25 A
Local Signaling
LED green for input status
Maximum I²t for Fusing
374 A².s for 8.3 ms at 60 Hz half cycle 410 A².s for 10 ms at 50 Hz half cycle
Motor Power HP
3 hp at 40 °C 480 V AC 2 hp at 40 °C 380 V AC 1 hp at 40 °C 240 V AC
Mounting Support
Symmetrical DIN rail
Output Voltage
48…600 V AC
Overvoltage Category
Pollution Degree
Product Certifications
Response Time
8.33 ms turn-off 8.33 ms turn-on
Solid State Output Type
Zero voltage switching or Random
IEC 61000 IEC 60950-1 IEC 62314
Surge Current
286 A for 16.6 ms
Voltage Drop
1.35 V on-state
90 mm

Eurotherm Product Selection Guide (HA029395USA Issue 8)