The Ultimo Density Meter is non-invasive and ideally suited for any type of material used in continuous processing. It is unaffected by temperature, pressure, flow rate and the very nature of the material to be measured. It is equally effective for homogeneous and heterogeneous materials whether they are loose solids, liquids or slurries.


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User Benefits

  • Non-invasive — the Ultimo Density Meter mounts on the exterior of the pipe or vessel wall with no penetration of the wall and no contact with the material, vapors. 

  • Easy to install and use — No holes or apertures are required. Simply attach the sensor/receiver module to a pre-installed mounting bracket. Install any time – full or empty

  • No radiation — No licensing, permitting or special insurance endorsements are required to use the Ultimo Density Meter.

  • Cost effective — the Ultimo Density Meter is designed for a long service life. No periodic maintenance or cleaning is required.

  • Flexible — can be used with virtually any pipe or vessel wall construction and all free flowing and non-gaseous materials.