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Absolute, Differential and Gauge Pressure Transmitters 05S/10S/50S
A new scalable family of robust and reliable pressure transmitter has been designed to make your process more profitable by giving you the opportunity to select your transmitter at the best ratio of performance/price for your application.

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Value PerformanceTransmitters
The competitively priced IAP05S,IGP05S,and IDP05S pressure transmitters provide a robustde sign without compromising quality.This transmitter family has been designed for applications requiring an accuracy of up to ±0.075% of span,and HART transmitters are SIL2 certified.

• Remote communication capabilities
• SIL2 as standard (HART)
• High pressure measurement (direct connectGP) and low power options
• Stability:<±0.05%ofURL/yrfor 5years • Robust design:2-year warranty (optional5-yearwarranty) • In-service time tracking (HART) • Direct Connect AP/GP response time: <100ms • DP and Biplanar AP/GP response time:<125ms • High Turn down Capability (upto 400:1) • Savings in training   Benefits

Value Performance Transmitters, with an accuracy of ±0.075% of span, offer robustness, experience, and safety to guarantee precise and reliable measurements. These pressure transmitters, in their low power version drawing no more 3 mA, can be installed in remote locations, with a limited power budget coming from solar panels or battery sources.

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