Willliamson Model FM-17-EXP Flare Monitor for Hazardous Area Classification

The Williamson Flare Monitor (FM) utilizes proven dual-wavelength technology to monitor the ratio of carbon to available oxygen deep within the hot flare flame.  This ratio value correlates to combustion efficiency and is used to adjust the flow of air or steam to smokeless flares, thus assuring smoke-free operation and maximum combustion efficiency.

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  • Assures smoke-free operation and maximum destruction of VOC gasses
  • One control setpoint for all hydrocarbon (H-C) vent gasses means no on-site calibration
  • Uninfluenced by flame size or position within the field of view
  • Uninfluenced by flame composition for all H-C gasses
  • Unaffected by stack configuration or presence of steam
  • Includes extra measured parameter values for confirmation and diagnostics
  • May be grade-mounted for easy access
  • Used for Manual or Automatic feedback to control steam or air flow
  • Flare Monitor Model FM-17-EXP Key Features

  • Output Scale:
    0-2000, Dimensionless
    700-1295 = Optimum combustion efficiency
    1300-2000 = Smoking condition
  • Conformity:  +/- 0010 at 1292
  • Repeatability:  +/- 0005 at 1292
  • Spectral Response:  Proprietary narrow wavebands
    monitor the balance of carbon and oxygen within the flame
  • Optical Resolution:  D/17
  • Maximum Distance:  1800 Feet, 600 m
  • Response Time:  Adjustable 0.1 second to 24 seconds (1 second default setting)
  • Analog Outputs:  4-20mA or 0-20mA output (max impedance 1000 ohms)
  • Alarms:  Sensor: One SPST Relay Alarm Output SA@125 or 250 Vac
    Interface Module: Two SPDT relays rated 2A@250 Vac
  • Digital Interface:  Bi-Directional RS485 and RS232 communications
  • Human Interface:  Built-in menu system with access to signal conditioning, programmable outputs & alarms
  • Measured Parameters:  Filtered signal, unfiltered signal, signal dilution,
    ambient temperature
  • Input Power:  Stand-Alone Sensor: 24 Vdc (300mA); with optional Interface Module or power supply: 90-260 Vac 50-60 Hz (0.13A)
  • Ambient Temperature Limits:  Sensor: -40 to 150°F / -40 to 65°C
    Interface Module: 0 to 120°F / -17 to 50°C
  • Environmental Rating:  Sensor: EXP Explosion Proof Housing with IECEx type “D”, Ex D IIB +H2 IEC 60079-0, IEC 60079-1 Interface Module: NEMA12, IP52 front panel w/anodized aluminum enclosure
  • Dimensions:  Sensor: 10.7in x 5.4in diameter (272mm x 137mm diameter)  Interface Module: 7.0in x 3.78in x 3.78in (177.8mm x 96mm 96mm)
  • Weight:  Explosion Proof Housing & Swivel Bracket: 11.8 lbs. (5.4 kg)
    Interface Module: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
  • Certification:  Calibration certificate is standard with each sensor CE: EMI/RFI for heavy industry; LVD (low voltage directive)
  • Warranty:  2 Years