1025 Series Palm and Foot Switches



This treadle-operated foot switch has two pre ci sion unit switches. Each of these has a normally open and a nor mal ly closed circuit.


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The 1025 Series Palm and Foot Switches are industrial rated switches suited for applications where an operator must have both hands free to perform other functions or, where a highly visible foot switch is required for quick and easy operation. We have an electric foot switch available for a wide varieties of contact arrangements, ratings and enclosure styles. Industrial duty, 4 way, 5 port air valves, pneumatic foot switch are available for air control circuits.

Gemco can provide a wide variety of special features to meet your specific foot switch requirements. Special guards, legend plates, mounting bases, contact arrangements, safety treadle gates, etc. to meet OEM needs.

• Heavy duty treadle operated foot switch – Type B
• Heavy duty side treadle operated foot switch – Type C
• Heavy duty mushroom button, foot or palm operated switch – Type D
• NEMA 4 Enclosures
• Optional protective cover
• Single or dual circuit
• Optional locking latch kit