ML2930 heavy duty static grounding reel

The ML2930 heavy duty static grounding reel is available in 50ft and 75ft lengths and is designed for use in extreme conditions.

Manufactured byfoxboro


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This particular static grounding reel is a popular model for use in oil fields, ground servicing of aircraft and on military vehicles.

Housings are available in red and green. Stainless steel cables are available with yellow Hytrel or clear nylon coating. Galvanized steel cable is available with orange vinyl coating. Copper grounding clip, aluminum “gator” clamp and stainless steel grounding plug connectors are available.

Key Features
– 50ft or 75ft cable lengths available
– Patented latch mechanism holds cable at any desired length. A slight tug on the cable releases latch.
– Automatic retraction featuring our SPIR’ATOR prestressed spiral spring.
– Retraction speed is governed by a brake system designed to limit the speed from 2 ft/sec to 7ft sec.
– Zinc-coated steel with baked-on MIL-SPEC finish and sealed with a gasket to protect the internal components.

– All bearing surfaces are permanent self-lubricating.
– Meets Military Specification A-A-50696
– Life cycle tested to 5,000 cycles
– The maximum electrical resistance between end clamp and housing is 10 Ohms.
– Operating Temperature Range: -65ºF to 125ºF (-54ºC to 52ºC)

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