315-WH-GT WirelessHART™ Gateway

From plant-wide 802.11 network infrastructure in hazardous areas to simple sensor signal cable replacement, MTL Instruments bring the experience and the products to realise robust and secure wireless systems.

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The 315-WH-GT WirelessHART™ Gateway establishes the connection between wireless field instrumentation and centralized Asset Management or Distributed Control Systems. Serving as the central controller and security manager for low power wireless mesh field instruments operating under the WirelessHART™ standard, the 315-WH-GT ensures performance through dynamic network optimization and intelligent routing to achieve high reliability, lower latency, and deterministic power management.

Its security manager provides one of the most secure mesh networks available, with end-to-end encryption, message integrity checking, and device authentication. It enables devices of a secure joining of a WirelessHART network.

Connectivity to the host system can be provided either via hardwired LAN connection or secure wireless LAN (802.11b/g or 802.11a). The 315-WH-GT Gateway can also be coupled with the 315-WH-DC WirelessHART Data Concentrator to create a high performance wireless backbone that offers reliable and secure connectivity from multiple WirelessHART sensor networks, as well as allowing secure, non-disruptive expansion of the network as needed.


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