AST-A Series

Digital Infrared Pyrometers available in Single Color and Two Color measuring Technique comes with analog and digital outputs equipped with sighting options like Laser and Through The Lens View Finder for targeting.
Temperature range: 150°C to 3000°C


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Models At Glance

Model Temperature Range Spectral Range Aiming Download

A250 PL/TL

with Bluetooth connectivity

1.6 μm Laser Pilot Light / Through the Lens View Finder Datasheet

A450 PL/TL

with Bluetooth connectivity

600°C….2500°C 1.0 μm Laser Pilot Light / Through the Lens View Finde Datasheet
Two Color
0.85 to 1.68 μm Laser Pilot Light / Through the Lens(TL) Datasheet
A450 PL/TL
Single Color
1 μm Laser Pilot Light / Through the Lens View Finder Datasheet
Single Color
100°C-700°C 2 to 2.6 μm Laser Pilot Light Datasheet
Two Color
0.7 to 1.15 μm Laser Pilot Light / Through the Lens View Finder Datasheet

Key Features

  • IR pyrometers from A series family are highly accurate ,compact and economic non contact temperature measuring models particularly useful for high temperature applications in wide temperature ranges from 250°C to 3000°C.
  • Pyrometers are available in Single Color and Two Color options. Almost 90% application can be solved through Single Color pyrometers. For applications involving changes in Emissivity, Surface finish, Energy absorbing contaminants in surrounding like Smoke, Water vapour, Dust etc a two color pyrometer is recommended.
  • A250 and A450 are single color options while A450C is a two color model. The pyrometers are switchable between Single and Two color modes.
  • A150 is specially designed model from A series which operates at the near end of the IR spectrum and is thus an excellent choice for measurement of ferrous and non ferrous metals above 150°C as the emissivity of un-oxidized metal surfaces is higher at shorter wavelengths.
  • The A Series pyrometers have fast response time within milliseconds which ensures very quick temperature measurement required in fast heating processes.
  • The pyrometers are equipped with Laser Targeting (PL) or Through The lens view finder (TL) for high precison targeting. The pyrometers are provided with Analog Output 0…20mA, 4…20mA and 0…10V, Digital USB2.0 output and RS-232/RS-485 for easy communication between the Pyrometer and PCSoftware.
  • “Infrasoft” software is under standard scope of supply.It offers possibilities of connecting three pyrometers simultaneously for parameter setting, view real time & offline graph and to evaluate measuring data. Communication between the pyrometer and the software is implemented via a cable connected between the pyrometer and the PC serial port. It comes with Record feature, Spot size calculator and parameter settings features. Some of the parameters adjustable via software are Emissivity, Response Time, Clear Time(Peak Picker),Analog Output, Sub Range, Unit Of Temperature(°C/°F) ,Communication mode(Comm.mode) etc.