The all new ANALECT® RefinIR™ is a fully integrated laboratory autosampler and FTIR instrument.

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The RefinIR delivers automated spectral data acquisition of multiple liquid refinery stream samples from crude oils to blended gasoline and diesel. The system utilizes the ANALECT XCORR™ Model Transference protocol allowing data and models to be seamlessly transferred to the on-line ANALECT Hydrocarbon SmartSystem®.

  • The autosampler can be heated up to 125°C to allow sampling of heavy crudes and intermediates, such as FCC feed
  • The carousel holds 24 each 22 ml vials and automatically transfers the sample to a flow-through transmission cell embedded in the autosampler
  • SpectraQ™ for RefinIR software simplifies the data collection process and provides the user the ability to perform a full ASTM D6122 validation
  • Download the brochure above or contact AIT for additional information on applications and specifications
  • Download answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding implementing the RefinIR in your laboratory.


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