Contacting Conductivity and Resistivity Sensors

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871CR Sensor

871CC Sensor                                   

Contacting Conductivity and Resistivity Sensors


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There are two families of contacting conductivity and resistivity sensors. The choice depends on the user’s application requirements. 871CR sensors are high performance, precision probes, while 871CC sensors are basic, economical probes. Both are used for measurements ranging from ultrapure water (18+ Megohm•cm) through pure water and up to water supplies with conductivity values as high as 20 mS/cm. In both families, two cell factors are offered, 0.1 cm-1 and 10 cm-1. The 0.1 cm-1 types are used for resistivity measurements and any conductivity measurements below 200 µS/cm. The 10 cm-1 types are used for higher conductivity measurements above 200 µS/cm. Several mounting styles are available, including threaded bushing, Tri-clamp sanitary, and retractable with a valve assembly. 871CR sensors are compatible with 875CR analyzers and 876CR transmitters. 871CC sensors are compatible with 875CR, 873CC and 873RS analyzers, and 876CR transmitters.                                     


Precision electrode and temperature element design delivers high accuracy

Reliable control of pure and ultrapure water processes due to high accuracy measurements

Versatile mounting for submersion, insertion and flow-through applications

Selection of wetted materials to suit varied applications

Long sensor life, low cost of ownership

24/7 expert technical and application support



Low conductivity water; pure water

Reverse osmosis

Steam condensate

Boiler feed water

Demineralizer water purification

Rinse water

Ultrapure water measurements

Semiconductor wafer washing

Electronics manufacturing

Pharmaceutical pure water supplies