Contacting Conductivity and Resistivity Transmitters

 876CR Transmitter

876CR Transmitter                                         

Contacting Conductivity and Resistivity Transmitters



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The Foxboro 876CR is a 2-wire, loop powered intelligent transmitter that, when used with 871CR or 871CC sensors, provides measurement, local display, and transmission of contacting conductivity, resistivity or concentration. The transmitter outputs a HART digital signal and a 4 to 20 mA analog output.  It offers easy configurability, a rugged, NEMA 4X field-mounted enclosure for the most challenging industrial environments, and agency certifications for hazardous electrical areas. HART communications and a time saving HART Device Type Manager integrates with user’s plant asset management strategies.



Intrinsically safe for use in hazardous area installations

One basic transmitter handles all applications, simplifying inventory

Two unique configurations can be saved, facilitating a quick and easy change, saving operator time and cost

Transmitter can be preconfigured for up to three different applications, each with its own display format, temperature compensation curve, chemical concentration curve (if applicable), and output configuration. Easy switching of applications saves significant time.

History log for up to 100 time and date stamped events

Resistivity system accuracy of +/- 1.06% RMS

24/7 expert technical and application support



Low conductivity water; pure water

Reverse osmosis

Steam condensate

Boiler feed water

Demineralizer water purification

Rinse water

Ultrapure water measurements

Semiconductor wafer washing

Electronics manufacturing

Pharmaceutical pure water supplies