GECMA Challenger

Many industries require their operator terminals and HMI situated on the plant floor. MTL range of Visualisation products includes ruggedised and extended temperature range operator terminals and panel PCs suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous area mounting. Both solutions bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design and development of visualisation products.

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Please note that our GECMA Challenger and Explorer ranges have now reached the End of Life and are in the termination process. The accessory components will continue to be supported for spares and repairs only until approximately December 2020 or until further notice. More detail can be found within the table below.

Why not take advantage of our new generation of HMI by upgrading to the MTL GECMA Work Station range.
This innovative operating terminal boasts a unique modular design concept, state-of-the-art technology and is packed full of valuable features. With various upgrade options available and mechanical backward compatibility*, you do not have to undergo a complete re-install.

*special conditions may apply

Product Termination Notice and ‘Last time buy’
Statement issued Product Last time buy Replacements and/or notes
05 December 2016 As listed below Ended as of 31st March 2017
Contact [email protected] for further enquiries.
MTL GECMA Work Station
05 December 2016 As listed below 30th June 2017 Last shipment for full terminals
05 December 2016 Accessories Estimated
Dec 2020
Supported for spares & repairs only

The CHALLENGER range of remote PC terminals are designed for use in extreme hazardous areas such as those encountered in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biotech and Oil and Gas industries. CHALLENGER Terminals can be configured in a modular manner to meet with the plant installation requirements. All the components including the display, touch screen, keyboard, pointing devices, etc. – are certified for use in hazardous areas as control panel-mounted modules and can be mounted independently into various enclosures / walls or into our CHALLENGER FHP standard enclosure which provides environmental protection.

CHALLENGER components are modular thus allowing for individual configuration in the most diverse of production plants. All electronic components such as displays, keyboards, pointing devices, etc. are designed as panel-mount modules and can be mounted in our enclosures as well as in existing cabinets. The metal and plastic materials used are based on long-term experience in hazardous and industrial areas, and resist the strongest of impacts. Specially tested materials for sealings ensure the IP66 / NEMA 4X protection, which is often required.