1Motogard Control Relay



Motogard Over-Temperature Protection Systems provide immediate overheating protection for: motors, equipment enclosures, semiconductor heatsinks, sleeve bearings, and other related machinery


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All Motogard systems fully conform to the NEC requirements for integral motor thermal protection. The temperature inside of the motor is monitored at all times. Using Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Thermistors embedded in or in contact with the surface, the Motogard system is able to continually sense when the equipment exceeds the pre-selected temperature limits.

Motogard systems are recommended for applications requiring high reliability under conditions of heavy duty or severe ambient contamination. Minimum RFI interference, absence of arcing, and maintenance free long life are built into the Motogard systems.

The Motogard Over-Temperature Protection System uses PTC Thermistors to indicate when the equipment has exceeded the set temperature. These thermistors act as a switch, which when reaching the pre-selected temperature will cause the resistance to increase to virtually infinity. This causes the controller to change the state of the contacts. As the equipment cools the “switching action” reverses and the controller will then change the state of the contacts back indicating an “OK” circumstance.

• Solid state logic circuitry assuring rapid, spark free noiseless operation with no drift or chatter
• “Fail Safe” operation protecting against sensor lead breakage or loss of power
• Protection against sensor lead short circuit (series 135 and 150 only)
• Solid state or electro-mechanical outputs (Triac in series 115 and 120, Form C electromechanical relay in series 135 and 150