OEM laser module LDS30M

The LDS30M is an OEM laser module to integrate laser distance measurement capabilities into existing measurement
Fast and compact OEM laser module for distance measurement



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equipment. It is intended for general distance measurements that require extremely fast data acquisition.
It provides up to 30,000 centimeter-precise measuring values per second – up to 30 m without a reflector. With appropriate reflectors the LDS30M reaches objects at distances of up to 250 m.

The OEM laser module LDS30M has been optimized for easy system integration.
Due to the invisible and eye safe laser (905 nm) the LDS30M can also be used in public areas.
Compared to the industrial laser distance measurement gauge LDS30A only the housing is omitted.


  • Distance measurement
  • Fast object detection
  • Use as proximity switch
  • 2D and 3D scanning applications
  • Altimeter


  • Datasheet EN V1.5
  • Manual_LDS30_EN_V2.3 (pdf)